Dana White’s Contender Series Season 6 Week 10 Weigh-In Results

Bo Nickal, Dana White Challenger Series 49
Bo Nickal, Dana White’s Contender Series 49 weigh-ins Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

This is it. The last week of Dana White’s Contender Season 6 is upon us. Bo Nickal is back. The stakes are high. Five more UFC contracts are on the line.

Nickal (2-0), an award-winning collegiate wrestler and one of MMA’s hottest prospects in years, came out on week three of this year’s DWCS with a dominant win over Zachary Borrego. More impressively, Borrego had missed the weight, but Nickal didn’t even flinch.

However, he did not receive a contract and was instead brought back for a second fight. That might raise some eyebrows considering UFC president Dana White signed the 17-year-old just last week, but then again, this was only Nickal’s second pro fight.

You can assume that with a win on Tuesday, Nickal will be in the UFC – although he gets his toughest test yet against Donovan Beard.

Beard is a CFFC veteran and currently holds the promotion’s middleweight title.

Dana White’s Contender Series 56 weigh-ins take place Monday in Las Vegas, Nevada. Full results can be found below.

Dana White’s Contender Series Season 6 Week 10 Weigh-In Results

Middle category: Bo Nickal vs. Donovan Beard
A cure: Sam Patterson vs. Vinicius Cenci
Light weight: Freddy Emiliano Linares vs. Jack Jenkins
Lightweight: Joao Elias vs. Rafael Ramos Estevam
Lightweight: Ashiek Ajim vs. Mateus Mendonza

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