Have Faith Season 4 – Watch Faith Nkezi Become Mrs. Nilo

Just when viewers thought about Faith Nketsi’s show, Have faithcouldn’t tell us more about the influencer, she went and married a millionaire and made sure the cameras were there to catch it all.

And now viewers will get a glimpse into what many believe will be a surprise wedding between the woman formerly known as the Queen of twerk and her young millionaire husband Nzuzo Nilo.

MTV Africa, the channel behind Have faith promised “luxurious front-row seats to Faith’s lobola negotiations and Sesotho wedding celebrations” when season four airs.

The channel also promises that the show will “uncover” the real reasons behind Faith’s husband’s tabloid dilemmas after he was arrested.

After doing this for so long, the newlywed businesswoman, media darling and reality TV star says she’s now arrived at a place where she feels comfortable letting viewers into her show.

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“I was walking in the way of mine Have faith reality show with MTV for 2 years now and in the process I became more comfortable being in the public eye. This is the reason Have faith Season 4 is more of an intimate look at my new life as a wife. Viewers should expect to see my fears about marriage come to life in ways I never expected,” she explained.

“I believe that the story of my life is in itself a teaching, a vocation that I had to embrace. Be prepared to see me naked – I really hope my viewers learn a thing or two about my life and its challenges,” she promised.

The return of Have faith This Month of the Woman is scheduled to premiere on August 15, at 9:30 p.m., on the popular youth culture viewing platform MTV (DStv channel 130).

Faith Nketsi
Faith Nkezi during her traditional wedding in Sotho. Photo: Instagram

“Our programming has always been educational in nature. This is why I think it’s so empirical for young people to be on the lookout for the new season of Have faith this August.

There is so much to learn through Faith’s experience as an entrepreneur, and this season she embraces her new role as a wife while remaining as cool as ever. Viewers have a lot to look forward to in this new season,” commented Paramount Africa Vice President and General Manager Monde Twala.

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