With control of Congress undecided, Wisconsin demonstrated divided government

With a Republican senator and a Democratic governor, Wisconsin serves as an example of what divided government can look like. Wisconsinites share how they feel about the issue.

Can you rule a divided nation in a post-mid-term world?

NPR’s Juana Summers talks with Jim Messina, former President Obama’s deputy White House chief of staff, and Republican strategist Ron Bonjean about how to manage a divided country after the midterm elections.

Six months later, Russians are divided over the conflict in Ukraine

For some it was “necessary”, for others a source of “sadness” – six months after Moscow launched its offensive in Ukraine, many Russians remain divided over the conflict. In and around Moscow ahead of this week’s anniversary, some expressed support for what Russia calls its “special military operation” in its pro-Western neighbor, while others expressed … Read more

The ANC will remain divided after the political conference

Hopes of a united African National Congress (ANC) emerging from this weekend’s political conference will not materialise, according to political analyst Andre Duvenhage. Speaking of The citizen Duvenhage said on Saturday that although the ANC’s internal factional battles continued unabated, even at this weekend’s conference party leader Cyril Ramaphosa would still have the upper hand … Read more

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