The White House conference will discuss the nation’s food insecurity

President Biden will lay out his proposals to address hunger at a major conference, the first of its kind since 1969. However, the solutions will not be easy to implement.

The White House is hosting a summit with leaders of Pacific island nations

President Biden rolled out the red carpet for leaders from Pacific island nations, an acknowledgment of the influence China has in the region as the US tries to up its game.

How Biden’s court record could affect the nation’s courts

President Biden has appointed a record number of federal judges. NPR’s Michelle Martin asks former federal prosecutor and legal expert David Latt how these efforts could shape the courts for generations.

Biden to deliver speech in Pennsylvania on ‘battle for nation’s soul’

President Biden is reviving the central theme of his campaign: the battle for the nation’s soul. He delivers a prime-time speech tonight, kicking off a push to help Democrats in the midterm elections.

Hotel Bethlehem once again tops the charts as the nation’s #1 historic hotel

If you’re making a list of things that get better with age, the historic Bethlehem Hotel should be included. This is a true and objective fact. The Lehigh Valley landmark earned the No. 1 spot in USA TODAY Readers’ Top 10 Travel Awards for the second year in a row, it was announced Friday. It … Read more

These 2 Pennsylvania airports are among the nation’s leaders in canceled flights

It can be pretty damn frustrating to show up at an airport for a scheduled flight only to find out everything has been cancelled. Canceled flights have become a widespread problem across the country in 2022, and when it comes to people’s best-thought-out travel plans scurrying around the terminal, there’s bad news for the people … Read more

One million people have been displaced by drought in Somalia, according to the United Nations.

A historic drought in Somalia has displaced one million people and left the country in the shadow of famine, the United Nations said Thursday. More than 755,000 people have fled their homes but remain within the country’s borders, which, when added to those who have fled abroad, brings the total to one million, the UN … Read more

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