With Nate Diaz teasing the RIZIN Move, Jake Paul turns the spotlight on Mike Perry

Nate Diaz, UFC 244 Open Workout Credit: Marcus Rebelo/Cageside Press The first few days of 2023 have been absolutely wild for MMA fans, and the mayhem has yet to stop. On Thursday afternoon, Nate Diaz hinted that RIZIN could be his next destination, while Jake Paul turned his attention to Mike Perry. So how did … Read more

Marcus Quaker, Trent Herrera combine for 5 TDs as West Perry beats Susquenita

Marcus Quaker was pleased his West Perry Mustangs won, although he wasn’t entirely happy with the way they did it against Susquenita Saturday. The Mustangs came out of the gates on Friday, then kind of fell apart before the weather turned and caused the second half to be delayed. They came back Saturday, pounded it … Read more

Changes in the West Perry School District start at the top, with a new superintendent, board member

Many school districts are dealing with turnover as the employment landscape settles in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In West Perry, the changes go all the way to the top. In July, Michael Adamek became acting superintendent following the retirement of Nancy Snyder. The school board also filled a vacancy in its ranks as … Read more

City Drainage: Underground problems persist in Perry County

Issues of stormwater management dominated the Aug. 16 Newport City Council meeting. Karen Gabel, representing Incarnation United Church of Christ, reported on the ongoing flooding problems in the church’s finished basement. Gabel said there have been several incidents over the past few years, including overflowing water generated by toilets, most recently on June 16. She … Read more

Vote Scott Perry Out | PennLive Letters

Scott Perry showed his hand. Perry’s devotion is to the man at Mar-a-Lago. It is not in the state of Pennsylvania, the constitution or the nation. We must escape from partisan groups. There are people who attack the Capitol while calling themselves “patriots,” senators who claim to support or follow the Constitution, who swear allegiance … Read more

Let young military minded people be a beacon for Perry | PennLive Letters

If a young person wants to attend one of the military service academies, they will need a recommendation from their member of Congress. They may go through the office of Congressman Scott Perry, who recently compromised his loyalty to the constitution in an attempt to override the will of the people for the will of … Read more

Scott Perry is suing to return cell phone data seized in a Jan. 6 investigation

U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa. is asking a federal court to return information copied from his seized cell phone and to prevent investigators from obtaining additional information from his cell phone service provider. He also sought to prevent federal investigators from reviewing the copied information from the cell phone. The lawsuit, which became public late … Read more

Congressman Perry urges cell phone seizure for ‘abuse of power’, not January 6 Capitol attack

U.S. Rep. Scott Perry on Tuesday again rejected the legitimacy of the FBI’s seizure of his cell phone and said he had received no new information about why authorities wanted it. “There is absolutely nothing I can do about the overreach and abuse of power by the Biden administration,” said Perry, who spoke to reporters … Read more

Scott Perry Chairs Violence Prevention Forum in Central Pennsylvania Churches

Almost nothing was said about churchgoers arming themselves or using force to prevent and defend against violent attacks on their church. Rather, the ideal solution involves identifying and understanding people who are struggling and at risk of violence, and helping to reduce their levels of stress, despair and anger. That was the key takeaway from … Read more

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