Ty Emery says life changed overnight after viral celebration, talks Poe Denman fight

Ty Emery’s popularity has pretty much exploded since her viral celebration at BKFC Thailand in September.

At BKFC Thailand 3, Emery, a former Legends Football League player, celebrated knocking out Rung-Arun Khunchai by climbing the ropes, raising his arms in celebration – then lifting his top and glancing at the crowd in attendance, frankly.

Social media being the way it is, clips of that moment instantly went viral. But where Janet Jackson was hounded after a “wardrobe malfunction” at the SuperBowl years ago, Emery’s celebration on the comparatively smaller BKFC stage was greeted with enthusiasm by fight fans.

The media certainly got a lot out of the clip and it transformed Emery’s life almost literally overnight. Which makes it hard for the Aussie to put it into words.

“Not exactly. I don’t know if I can put it into words, but probably the first few weeks I just spent a lot of time just bursting into happy tears like ‘I was just sleeping on concrete a few months ago,'” Emery recalled, touching on his time living in poverty before the battle. “Life changes, literally going to sleep and waking up, and the world has changed and become a reality that… I’ve always had this picture in my head that you just keep working towards, and I’m sure that every fighter has that, that’s what wakes us up and makes us go to the gym. So that just aligns with reality, yeah, that’s pretty much what happened.

“After years of people always saying no or trying to tell you what to do. I feel like I’ve always had my blinkers on and just kept working and that was my last moment like, ‘yeah! can you see Can you see me now bitches?

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“It just changed overnight,” Emery reiterated. “It’s the best.”

It wasn’t long before Ty Emery realized that things had changed. “My whole inbox just kept filling up, so I probably realized it was as crazy as maybe within 24 hours,” she told us. “Maybe even just a week later. I don’t know because I was kind of happy. I was happy about a million other things. I guess for everyone else, when Joe Rogan follows you, you get that – it’s like when Oprah Winfrey was giving away cars. I think for our generation we get that from Joe Rogan because that’s the guy we’re all looking for for a different kind of leader.”

“I think when it really hit me, that’s when I was like, ‘okay, let’s get the world’s attention here.'” Then there was the multi-platform, multi-national nature of all this media coverage. “That was another probably big fat realization, it wasn’t just the internet. It became a newspaper clipping, in magazines. We’ve taken over social media and the world.”

Next up for Emery is Poe Denman, and for Emery it’s the same feeling this time, the same tension, despite Denman’s notoriety.

“Absolutely nothing has changed. It’s the same added pressure for me,” Emery said. “Everybody’s like, ‘oh, one-hit wonder, one-hit wonder.’ I’m like, ‘Bro, what the hell?’ I’m going to go in there and smash, we’re both going to go in there and smash, and we’ll see what the hell happens.”

“Additional pressure? 100% This girl knocked out a guy. She’s had more bare knuckle fights than me. But I love that kind of challenge. And if you know someone knocked out a man with bare knuckles, then she’s not someone to mess with.

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Tye Emery takes on Poe Denman at BKFC Thailand 4 on 10 December 2022. Watch our full interview with Emery above.

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