What makes Anthony Bowens a five-tool tackler?

Everyone loves the hype and the uncrowned AEW champions have a phenomenal upside as one half of the power duoThe five-tool playerAnthony Bowens.

So what makes Anthony Bowens a five-tool player?


Bowens is a force to be reckoned with and has shown what he can do time and time again in an AEW ring.

“It’s one thing to be an athlete, it’s another thing to have strength,” Bowens states.


Bowens credits his baseball background with instilling his dedication to athletic excellence.

An adaptable, quick and powerful athlete capable of finding a way to win in any number of matchup types.


A two-time Big East Academic All-Star, Bowens brings the brains and brawn to the world of All Elite Wrestling.

Acclaimed were smart in aligning with the experienced Billy Gun and Bowens was also trained by some of the best in the business.

The look

AEW Anthony Bowens
Anthony Bowens of Acclaimed. Photo: All Elite Wrestling/Warner Media Africa

He says he spends six days in the gym because “you have to look the part, be the part, and five-tool tackle Anthony Bowens is the part.

There’s no doubt that Bowens has the looks.

IT factor

Bowens believes the IT factor is the key to overcoming being told no.

The Acclaimed will prove their IT factor and win the AEW Tag Team Titles before the end of 2023, if the gods of wrestling are fair and good.

Anthony Bowens explains what a five-instrument player is

We recently spoke with Bowens and he told us what a five-tool player is and why we haven’t seen him explain the moniker on TV.

“So the origin of the term five-tool player is a reference to a baseball superstar. A baseball five hitter is someone who has the five tools you need to be a successful player, which are power, hitting for average, fielding, running, and throwing.

“To me, I’m the five-tool player in wrestling, I’m the perfect combination of strength, athleticism, intelligence, that look and of course, the IT factor.

“And that’s actually a part of my character that I haven’t been able to explain yet in AEW, television, and something that I plan to do in the future.

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“But then again, you know, we have to make the most of our TV time. And, you know, if we have, we have a behind-the-scenes segment or something like that, or a behind-the-scenes interview, we have to get the point across quickly.

“So there will be a time when I can make that point, but this is the best way to explain what a five-tool player is.”

You can watch Anthony Bowens on AEW Dynamite and AEW Rampage on TNT Africa with new episodes airing Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00am.

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